About me

I'm a "classical" singer from Belgium, father of 4 and hobbyist programmer when there is still some time left...

My parents got to know each other on an international Red Cross mission in Svay Rieng in 1973. From 1979, they started organizing the welcoming of Cambodian refugees in Belgium and for a few years there was a cambodian cultural center in the ground floor of our house. We went to Cambodia for my parents' 25th wedding's anniversary in the (northern hemisphere's) summer of 2000. So that's my connection with Cambodia.

As a font-a-holic, I got soon interested in khmer fonts and by the end of the '90s I was already collecting khmer fonts...

Unfortunately, after so many years I still haven't started yet learning the khmer language 😕

About the website

The samples are created with Harfbuzz, which means result might be different on Windows or macOS (but not so likely).

For the Legacy ⇄ Unicode conversions, the code is available here.

The header font is Romnea by Tep Sovichet & Anna Giedrys. The text font is Andika New Basic by Victor Gaultney & al. for the latin script and Khmer Mondulkiri by Diethelm Kanjahn for khmer.

Kbach by Nhek Borin.